Red Bull Soapbox Lisbon

The Red Bull Soapbox Lisbon is ​​back for the 3rd edition.

The Red Bull Soapbox is ​​a global event of racing in handmade cars. The vehicles are moved by creativity and friendly competition, without ever forgetting the speed adrenaline. This race of vehicles without motor, proposes to the participants the construction of a car that defies the norms of the design and the laws of the physics. They will compete against the clock on a sloping course, being dependent only on human strength.

Red Bull has already hosted more than 100 events around the world. From Australia to South Africa, from Helsinki to St. Louis, from Jamaica to Italy. This race has conquered the globe since its debut in Brussels in 2000.

We are waiting for you on 09 September 2018 to see this amazing race.

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